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Nowadays everything happens on the internet
If you don't have a website then you don't even exist, you have nothing for your audience. If you have a website, make sure it's up-to-date and everything is working properly...
If you fail to achieve this...
Chaos erupts!
Haven't got a website yet?
Are you an old player, yet still handing out business cards?
You have to keep up the pace, and advance to our new world. Infinity possibilities await you. There is something for everyone: From simple low price, yet interesting websites, to big projects! There are no restrictions on the internet. You can post whatever you want. You don't need to explain what's your dream to your audience, just show them your website.
Outdated content
You can lose a lot of money with misleading outdated information!
If you do not keep your site up-to-date, no one will see how far you have got. Your customers won't see your newest products and/or your services. They might try to reach you through old contacts. Every day passed without updated content will rob you from income.
Outdated system
Your website just sits there like a newborn
Let's say your site was created with WordPress, or it might have been a unique project... In the age of internet, technologies can get outdated within mere seconds! This is why your website needs care and updates. An outdated website can be hacked easily. Do not endanger yourself or your customers with an outdated site, where sharks can fish out your precious data!
Unknown visitors
Your company sells well, money flows in, but you do not know your customers.
It is easy to put up a webshop. But you will be left far behind the big fish if you do not know what analytics and tracking are for. Using these will lend you valuable information about your customers, or even about your advertisement.
Emergency! It's broken
I swear it was working yesterday, but today it is broken! Please somebody help me!
Well, this happens if your website is not cared for, and updated regularly... But most importantly properly! Things can easily get broken, and even you can mess it up. Everything gets worse when the one who should repair it is not available to help you. Every moment your website spends on the ground will damage your income and image. Do not let things like these happen! You need a reliable developer!
Do whatever you love, leave the rest to me!
Solution for all your online problems...
Website development
For every wallet
Are you a new player or a big fish? Or maybe you are a great white shark? Whatever you need I can code it for you! There is something for every wallet, from little sample websites to great unique and personal projects! I can create for you what your heart desires, just hit me up!
WordPress Expert
The Simple and Great
One-third of the online world runs on WordPress. If you are familiar with it, but you still stumble upon some problems, which you might not be able to solve and in need of help... Well, I have good news for you! I can help you with everything related to WordPress! Let it be updates, website management, content management, hotfixes, unique/personal/custom plugins, themes... you name it, I'll solve it!
Analytics & Tracking
Time to get insight
From where should you know if your advertisement works properly? Or your products and services get to the targeted audience? Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HotJar, Facebook Pixel, these are great tools, created to make our lives easier. They will let you get your insight into the online world. But it is nearly not enough, you will have to understand what do these statistics mean for your company. And I haven't mentioned their implementation yet... You will need professional help with them.
Tailor-made software
Software tailored for your requirements
It can happen, that you find a solution to your problem, but there are unique setbacks, which require unique care. There might be pre-built solutions, but they might offer too much... I offer to build it from scratch, tailored for your personal needs and taste. I can create full systems, WordPress plugins and themes, and everything else!
Don't let your system become outdated!
WordPress always needs updating and special care. It is always good to prevent trouble in time. WordPress and its themes and plugins need updating in at least two weeks, but the sooner the better. You should not forget to update your site as your company grows and advances. It needs to keep up the pace with you! Just imagine how many phone calls and with them how much money you can lose if you do not update your phone number after changing it. I will help you with the maintenance and content updating/uploading to your website.
Domain, SSL, Hosting, CDN, VPS and everything else
I will provide you with my knowledge and will help you with choosing the best domain and hosting service available for your website. And if you are not familiar with them yet, I will get you started! I will explain what they are for, and why do you need them for your site.
Emergency Fix It Wizard
I will fix your problem in 24 hours!
Do not let a little bug ruin your whole page! Even a little thing can cause the collapse of your website. Contact me as soon as possible and if possible, I will take care of them in a few hours.
New project? Ongoing project? If you are full of questions...
... you can turn to me with confidence! I can help you with planning a new project, replanning of an ongoing one, or even if you are in need of some technical advice... Let's agree on a date and sit down to talk! I'd love to answer all of your questions about the online world!
My story...
Dávid Szabó
It is nearly a decade since I started to code in my free time. Everything started with playing games in my browser. My dream was to create my own, which people would enjoy playing... and because of this, to achieve my goal I spent 10-12 hours a day only with coding. During my years in secondary school I had the pleasure to work on some little projects, which led me to a great revelation... I love programming! Of course I dreamt of working with Google or Facebook one day, but when I graduated and started to fish for programming jobs, it became clear that I do not want to work for someone... I wanted to be the boss, I wanted to make the decisions, but most importantly: I wanted to stay in touch with the customers, and instead of working for someone, I wanted to work with the people. I did not want the usual boss-employee status... I wanted to build a more personal, friendly or family-like relationship with my customers. After all of these got balanced, I started to make a name for myself using my old contacts. Soon I managed to find some customers, whom loved my jobs! And after a couple of months I stopped applying to jobs and started my own company. All in all, this is my story... and this is how I got here.
This isn't my job... This is my life!
They love my work
Jonathan Wilson
David and I have worked together on many projects this year and every time its been a great experience. He's very thorough and has never let me down or failed to find a solution. On many occasions, he has come up with solutions I did not think were possible at all. Just one example, he managed to use JavaScript to auto-fill a form on a SaaS platform, based on UTM link data from InfusionSoft. I happen to know several people who tried to do exactly what he said and they all failed. Oh and even though he might not be a "designer", he's better at CSS than many other web programmers I've hired too! If you are looking for a coder to get things done, David can help you. I have seen him over-deliver many times as well, not just for me but other clients of his (on mutually shared projects). Hard to find a more reliable person to trust than that!
Catherine Leudc
David is an absolute life-saver and a fabulous person to work with! Our first time working together, he jumped into an ongoing project which was critically late and relatively chaotic and managed to get a good grip and save the day with very limited and rudimentary information transfer. He is extremely quick to find his way around new platforms and software and delivers really good quality work - in record time! On the customer relationship side, it was a pleasure to work with David, he'svery patient answering my numerous questions and dealing my limited depth of knowledge. He's also reliable, structured and resourceful and works autonomously and delivers on time. In short I'll definitely keep working with David!
Zsolt Bicskey
I am a serial entrepreneur and have been working with David for 6-7 years now. He has been nothing but amazing. Having hired and managed way over 100 people in my career I can attest he is a unique man. His work ethic, wits, and web skills are outstanding. He developed apps, custom scripts, websites, and many other things for me. He is the only IT guy on the face of this earth that I trust 100%. He has had access to my most sensitive, personal data and I never even had the slightest concern that anything would be at risk. Highly recommend him.
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